FRCEM Primary Structure

The FRCEM primary is a formidable exam with a huge syllabus and thats probably the best place to start.


The FRCEM Primary syllabus can be viewed here or by clicking on the syllabus image below to the right.


The useful FRCEM information pack can also be found here.


Basically the exam is a 3 hour paper consisting of 180 single best answer questions. Usually best of five.


As can be seen from the image to the below two thirds of the marks are for anatomy and physiology with the remaining third split between pharmacology, microbiology, pathology and EBM.


If you attend any courses or speak to other doctors who have sat the exam and they will all tell you that the exam is heavy on anatomy and physiology.


The syllabus itself can sometimes be a little vague in terms of exactly what candidates need to know but there are some great resources out there to help you  and we go over these in more detail in the FRCEM Primary Tips page.






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