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Welcome to the FRCEMtutor resource site. This site has been designed to provide candidates with an overview of the exam and provide as many useful tips and tricks as we can think of to help trainees get through the FRCEM.


This is the second FRCEMtutor site following the launch of the FRCEMtutor question bank (for the question bank click the icon below to the right).


The information on these pages should help you familiarise yourself with the FRCEM format, provide invaluable resources and quick links to all the vital information you are likely to require.


The site will include free revision content coming through our twitter feed and we hope to introduce new channels as the site develops.


Anyone familiar with the FRCEM examinations will tell you that its one of the one of the most challenging exams you are likely to sit in your medical career.


We hope you find this site useful and wish you the best of luck!





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